Bible Core Course


An immersive experience of the Bible in 3 months


We study using the Inductive Method

BCC intentionally immerses you fully in the Word throughout its duration. Six days a week (Monday-Saturday) your schedule will include a combination of book readings, lectures, and personal study. Worship, prayer, community events, and work duties are also incorporated into your weekly routine to provide a holistic YWAM experience.


Observe      Interpret      Apply


This course is INTENSIVE and will be full time including weekends for 12-14 weeks.Feb 6 – May 12, 2022

Question Mark

The Bible is so big I don’t know where to start

We will take a chronological approach to the Bible with the inductive method that teaches you how to observe, interpret and apply truths to your own life.

Question Mark

I don’t really like to read

As a group, we will read through the entire Bible in 3 months in a combination of group reading and personal reading.

Question Mark

I don’t understand the Bible

You will gain insights into the context of the author and original audience. Different literary styles will be investigated throughout the course.

A Day in the Life

What a typical day looks like

  • Worship/Prayer/Small Groups
  • 9:00
  • Lecture/Personal Study
  • Morning Tea
  • 11:00
  • Lecture/Personal Study
  • 12:00
  • Lunch
  • 1:00
  • Work Duties
  • 2:00
  • Personal Study
  • 5:30
  • Supper
  • 7:00
  • Personal Study
  • Sat
  • Group Reading/Journal

Our Facility

Expand your knowledge of Christ in our cozy Eagle Loft building.

We are located 1 1/4 miles out of Steinbach, Manitoba in the beautiful, wide-open prairies! Our ministry base is on a beautiful 80-acre property, tucked inside a traditional-looking barn with a “less than rustic” interior. Rugby training will be facilitated with the local team in Steinbach.

Be Transformed

  • Tessa

    I didn’t really know where to start when I was reading the Bible on my own, so I sometimes found it tedious. After going through the Bible Core Course, I gained the tools to know how to read different parts of the Bible with a better understanding. Now when I read, I’m finding myself excited to ask questions I would have never thought of before. I love the inductive method because it allows you to be curious and use your critical thinking skills. Honestly, I would recommend this course to everyone!

  • Kristi

    Aloha! My name is Kristi and I’m from Red Lake, Ontario. Looking back on my experience from the Bible Core Course, I’m grateful for the tools and everything I’ve learned, and for how it’s helped me start seeing God in a different light than from before the course and in the last few years. I knew God was loving, but often saw someone scolding me when I sin. The course has helped me see that God is compassionate towards His people and wants us to draw that much closer to Him when we sin. As difficult as it was at times, I showed myself that I do well even with difficult things and that I don’t give up. To finish the course was a huge accomplishment for me!

    One highlight that blows me away is the fact that we read through the entire Bible and read through entire books in one sitting! I also enjoyed trying to find God’s character within the text. The course helped me gain inductive and critical thinking tools, helped me start to overcome my perfectionistic tendencies by allowing things to be “good enough” instead of needing to be “perfect”, and gave me the courage to pray for miracles, for God to do the impossible, and to trust that God knows what He’s doing. My favorite book to study was Hebrews because it helped me see and understand how the Old Testament and the New Testament are connected and see how and why Jesus is better than the old covenant.



  • Jeff

    The Bible Core Course and the inductive method of study have helped me become much more certain in my knowledge and understanding of the Bible. Key teachings help to understand the historical context, while the structured plan to move you quickly and deliberately through the entirety of God’s word. I love how the inductive method helps take this broader understanding of the books and then allows me to break down individual passages in a way that is meaningful and applicable while staying true to the bigger picture of the Gospel.
    I recommend the Bible Core Course for anyone who has grown up with the Bible but wants to grow in their understanding of God’s big picture, as well as their ability to explain the question… “What’s in the Bible?”
  • Simeli

    BCC was totally a very new thing or new way for me to study the Bible and God’s word. It was challenging but in a good way. I can say that it has opened my eyes to how I view and understand the word from different directions.
    My Bible reading has totally changed during the time of BCC, I can now understand the style it’s been written in and also understand what the word meant. Also my reading in general, I feel like it has gotten better now.
    I felt the time it was God’s time to do the BCC school during this time and has also helped me go through life in general during this time. Knowing and understanding that God has got my back today is really emotional and satisfying.

Program Cost

The cost of Tuition includes:

Tuition for dorm students is $4000 Canadian for the 12-14 weeks
Tuition for students not living in the dorm but attending classes is $2000