Cuba – Day 2 :D

Feeling blessed!

Soooo… this post will probably be a bit longer than my other ones – but that’s ok!! Saturday (my most recent blog post) and Sunday were our two longest days of the week, however, both where awesome! On Sunday we went to a place about an hour ‘n 45 minutes away from the resort where our group then split up. The guys as well as myself and Jeanne (our team intercessor and a dancer on production) stayed at the place we traveled to, while the other ladies and the kids went to another church where they handed out items like clothing, shoes, jewelry, Spanish devotionals, etc. to the Cuban women and girls. I honestly wish I could have gone as I wanted to see the reactions of the girls receiving what we had for them. However I’m also happy that I got to stay back and impact others where we were 🙂

As myself, Jeanne and the 2 other guys on production got ready to dance, I noticed across the yard a huge metal pot with rice and beans cooking in it. Then, I saw one of the people cooking put some big leaves on top of the pot to keep the rice and beans hot… it was pretty cool because we don’t do that in Canada. Anyways, after we introduced ourselves, we performed some dances for everyone, and so did the hoop dancer we brought with us which the Cubans seemed to really enjoy 🙂 Then, we broke off into guys ‘n gals: the Cuban girls made a circle around myself and Jeanne and we taught them some Hula basics, the boys on our team taught the Cuban boys the Haka, we each showcased what we taught in front of everyone else, and then some of the girls showed Jeanne and I some their dance moves – it was a grand time and again showed me how much I love dancing!

It was pretty cool because afterwards, a girl half my age came up to me motioning with her arms for me to teach her some Hula moves and a dance. I’ll admit, I had no idea what to teach and was scared to teach on my own. However, I decided to teach her some Hula basics and part of the first dance I learned during my DTS. She really liked it and was so eager to learn! Some other girls who were around her age huddled around, also very eager to learn 🙂 It was fun just hanging out with everyone, getting to know the people there, and playing and interacting  with them. Just like the first church we went to on Saturday, the youth were quick learners :). Such a flashback to Fiji *looks off into the distance majestically, sighing* haha.

It was dark once the ladies and kids from our team got back, and by then my camera had already died 🙁 and it was supper time (yay food!!). After we finished eating, we did a few more dances which was really fun but also crazy because we were sweaty (too much info?? haha), there was a big audience and everyone watching us was crowding around the “stage” – which was just the deck outside of the building we were at. We finished our day by praying for people and then headed back to the resort. After I prayed for 2 people, the same group of girls who I taught some Hula basics to earlier came up and formed a circle with Jeanne and I. It was so cool to watch because they all stood with their eyes closed and “in the moment” as Jeanne said. I looked at Jeanne and then around at the girls and started smiling. One thing I noticed is that, unlike me, they didn’t care if others saw them “in the moment”. They just wanted God they were so hungry for Him. It was such a beautiful sight :’D

There were times during the day where I’d be looking at what was happening around me and had to thank God for such a blessing and for bringing me there 🙂 Everyone – myself included – was super excited for Monday – our day off and one of my favorite days of the week!!! Stay tuned for more 😀 If y’all want to hear even more detailed stories from my trip, please email me or personal message me on Facebook! I want to know how you guys are liking my Cuba blogs so far! Take care and many blessings!

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