DTS 2017!

Nostalgia and new things!

Welp, our Descipleship Training School (again, DTS) has begun for this year! It’s crazy how this week (8th – 14th) is already our second week of DTS!! This past week (1st – 7th) was crazy nostalgic for me (as will the rest of DTS) because a year ago last week, I came to Steinbach as a student. This time, I’m experiencing those same emotions a year later. When I first arrived in January to be on staff, it felt really good to be back. Lots of awesome stuff has happened so far. During the months leading up to DTS (January – April), I kept thinking how the summer would go, who the students would be, where they came from/what their background was, etc. It felt really strange moving back into dorm because the last time I moved in, I was a student and I had a [awesome] roommate! Since I shared an apartment with 3 other girls on our team from January – April, being in dorm is awesome because I now have a room to myself with lots of space 🙂

You’ve probably noticed the title of this entry, “Nostalgia and new things!” Nostalgia… that’s because instead of being the student last year who was welcomed by the dorm staff (who I barely knew at the time), I got to be part of the dorm staff welcoming in the new students for this year! I honestly can’t tell you how weird – but awesome – it felt. During one of our last staff training sessions before DTS, our team was told to go back to the mindset of when we were DTS students so that we would remember what it felt like to be a new student in a new environment. Also, to help us to remember and understand what the students would be feeling when they arrived. I was out for a walk around the campus grounds with one of the girl staff members one night and we both talked about how we couldn’t believe DTS was already here!! I keep thinking back to how incredibly fast time has gone since I joined staff, and how much faster it’s going to go now that DTS has started – it’s the fastest part of the year because it’s such a busy, but awesome and amazing season!!

Ok… sorry for going on a rabbit trail after mentioning noticing the entry title in the paragraph above (oops, sorry!!) as I didn’t actually talk about the nostalgic part. For me, orientation week was nostalgic because I was brought right back to when I first arrived in Steinbach last year: seeing see my old room in dorm that I shared with my roommate (now being occupied by the new students), playing the same games with them that were played during orientation week of my DTS, watching the new students during work duties (trying to remember that I don’t need to do them, although I help out when needed), and connecting and building relationships with everyone on the team. It’s a bit of an adjustment for me, but so far so good 🙂

This year, I have the incredible opportunity to help staff (support staff that is :)) this years’ DTS (it’s like a 2nd DTS all over again), exercise my leadership/communication skills by directing the students and staff in the garden some days during work duties, and also perform more with the production team in different locations! It’s hard to believe we are almost done our 1st week of lecture phase/2nd week of DTS – time really does fly when you’re having fun! I’ll be honest and say that when I went home after my DTS, I thought about coming back to staff every day, but started to think and wonder and think and wonder about what being on staff was like. I was scared and nervous but also curious because staffing would be so new to me and I wasn’t sure what I’d be getting myself into. I have been learning so much not only since DTS started, but also since I joined the team which y’all can read about in my earlier blog posts and my 1st newsletter.

I’ve been learning LOTS so far in this 1st week of lectures and I know I will continue to in the coming weeks! It’s also super cool watching the students as they go through what I went through last year 😀 One of the points from this week was that God loves to stretch us; we are a rubber band that He loves to stretch and stretch until we reach a certain point, and then He lets go, launching us more farther into what He has for us than we could ever imagine. It’s a good analogy I think for the season that I’m in right now because I feel like I’m that rubber band that is being stretched and stretched (aka – being uncomfortable, leaving comfort zones, learning new things, improving on different skills, etc.). As scary and unpleasant as it can be at times, I know that I’m going to grow in so many areas of my life, and most importantly, in my relationship with God as He continues to mold me into who He wants me to be 🙂 Everytime I start stepping out of my comfort zone, I’m usually reminded of a quote I heard from a staff member which goes something like “you grow the most when you’re out of your comfort zone”.

I’m having a marvelous time here if you haven’t been able to tell already 🙂 There’s lots of awesome stuff happening in our ministry and in my personal journey and I’m excited to see what else God has planned for me 🙂 Take care and God bless you all!!

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