Last week, 11 Island Breeze Manitoba team members travelled to minister to a country in need. Not only were we able to bring many suitcases full of needed items that were generously donated, but we got to spread the love of God in a hands-on way. We encouraged leaders, prayed with community members and exemplified God’s joy though our Pacific Island dance. Our 6 children joined us in our team ministry and expanded their own world view in a new way.

Having travelled to other countries many times before, this was the first trip where we also were blessed to have a First Nations hoop dancer join in sharing the universal language of joy & hope. It was an incredible privilege for our team.

Some of the incredible highlights were seeing how we have encouraged our friends there to embrace more of their culture’s creativity, learning from each other during some dance workshops, hearing different speakers challenge us in our spiritual & everyday lives, and of course hearing testimonies from courageous leaders who never give up no matter what they are against.

Although we spend many hours connecting with locals, travelling to far destinations and sharing our stories, we are always so much more blessed by what we receive than what we give. Leaving this beautiful country, we take away full hearts, encouragement for ourselves and an excitement of what God is doing around the world! What a blessing to be part of His ministry.

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