“Listen, your Father is speaking…”

The title of this post is lyrics to a song called “Listen” in the album “Story of All Stories” by Laura Woodley Osman. I’ve listened to it over and over because it’s so good!! It helps me focus in on Jesus :). Over the last few months, my curiosity of God’s character has really spiked (thus, helping me deepen my relationship with Him) and I’ve been growing to know more of how He speaks to me on a daily basis. I knew God could speak to us pre-YWAM, but it wasn’t until my DTS that I started learning how He could speak to me personally. I found it very difficult at first, but it’s gotten easier. Think about your best friend, someone you’re really close with or even a loved one for a moment. You’d know their voice if they called your name in a noisy room right? When you spend time with someone and get to know them really well, you’re able to recognize them super easily. It’s the exact same with God – when we spend time getting to know Him, our daily awareness of Him in our lives increases and He becomes like another best friend to us.

I believe working in the garden last year (2017) gave me a heightened sense of God’s daily presence in my life, and has helped me hear what He sounds like to me. I picked up on bits and pieces of God’s character and love towards us as He helped me see life from His perspective: choosing to find the rosebud/’gold’ in people (what brings them life) despite appearances and/or personality at first glance (I was told to try and find any traces of life (aka the rosebud) near a developing rosebush made of thorny stems at the time), like how God chooses to see the beauty in us as His creation, despite our own shortcomings; and also seeing that my flower bed was so beautiful having different types of flowers, like how God makes our world a beautiful place having so many unique cultures around the world.

A while ago, I found a personal letter from Jesus that a relative gave me expressing Gods’ love for us and how He longs to spend time with us. Sometimes it seems hard to find God in daily life – it could be that we’re the ones walking away, we’re choosing not to listen when He speaks, or maybe we simply just don’t know Him well enough. The next morning, I woke up shortly after 7:30am to a streak of sunlight on my wall inviting me to look out my window and have some Jesus time :). I said “Good morning Jesus!” and peered out my window, and was welcomed by the sun shining through the tree branches on such a peaceful and calm morning. Then, I opened my window and heard the trees swaying in the gentle breeze and birds singing. It was so beautiful!! In that time, I felt like God wanted me to see His beauty through the nature right in front of me. I also felt like he was telling me that no matter what season of weather (literally or metaphorically) we’re enduring, He’s always there watching over us and protecting us, even if we can’t see Him (no matter the weather, the sun is always there). All of this happened in about 25 minutes (but hey, who’s counting!!) which was pretty cool because that time wasn’t rushed and I didn’t care about needing to get ready soon. After I got those revelations of Him and went to go get ready for the day, having my soul satisfied, my alarm went off… mind=blown.

My wish is for this blog post to be an encouragement to you. It’s pretty incredible when you take time to slow down and examine your surroundings and are able to find God it in – you never know how He could use it to speak to you 🙂 I’m curious to know if any of you have found out how He speaks to you? If so… I’d love to hear about it! I also have a short, personal video on “Hearing God’s Voice” on our YWAM Prairie2Pacific Facebook page if you’d like to check it out https://www.facebook.com/ywamprairie2pacific/videos/1629135020515852/ :D! Take care and God bless! 🙂

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