Part 2: Cuba 2017


I’m going to write separate posts about each day in Cuba so it’s not information overload in 1 post. We arrived in Canada safely this past Friday, but didn’t get home (Steinbach) until the evening. I honestly don’t know where to behin with talking about this trip. So much happened and I’m beyond words blessed that I was able to go!! I spoke with my dad on the weekend and we both tried to figure out what I should talk about first – seriously, the conversation started with “Hey traveler! Welcome back! Wow, where to start first, eh??” Haha… no kidding! Just like my Fiji trip last year for my DTS outreach, our team’s trip to Cuba this year will also be one for the books! As I looked back at my pictures from Cuba while on the plane, it was like I was back in Cuba and forgot that I was on the plane. Such good memories 😀

I have no words to say how much of a blessing this trip was. I keep thinking to myself on a regular basis… how is it that I, a small-town girl from the middle of the bush in Northwestern Ontario, got to go to Fiji for a month last year, and then to Cuba for a week with my team this past week?? Those of you who’ve known me for years know that I love anything and everything tropical, and never in this lifetime did I think I’d get the opportunity to see these places in person. Such a dream come true 😀 Since we’ve gotten back from Cuba, I’ve been trying to figure out what God did and how He moved while we were in Cuba. Our team had a meeting a few weeks ago with the couple who took us to Cuba and they kept pointing out how hungry the Cubans were for God – especially the youth. My goodness were they right. I’ll be more detailed in my next few blogs about Cuba, but for now I’ll just be general. I noticed in every place we went to how hungry the people there – especially the youth – were for God. It was so beautiful to see the teenagers and kids half my age and younger so eager to learn from us, teach us and want to experience God and His love for them. This was quite the experience for me.

Sadly, for the protection and safety of the Cubans, I can’t upload any pictures of our interactions with them. However, if I get the chance to meet up with any of you in person, I will definitely show you my pictures! I’m really excited to blog about this trip and what I took away from it, and I hope you guys enjoy what I write! Stay tuned for more! Adios amigos!

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