Red Lake, ON goes tropical!!


It’s been quite a while since my last blog post… which was sometime last summer I believe. So, here’s me getting back at it and starting off my 2018 blogs with some exciting news!! Many months ago (fall of last year), I thought of our Island Breeze Manitoba team doing a production tour (performing pacific island dances) in my hometown, Red Lake, Ontario to show my family, friends and ministry supporters what I do, show Red Lake something it’s NEVER seen before, and show our team where I grew up.  After bringing the idea to the table and after months of hard work, it’s finally happening and I’m stoked to show everyone back home this ministry and what we do!! I got a little taste of how these events are pulled off and it makes me that much more appreciative of this opportunity and that much more excited to perform at home!!

Something super cool I got to be apart of this past Wednesday (Feb. 7) was an online interview with a grade 7/8 class at the elementary school I attended growing up. They’re helping to promote our teams’ tour within the school and so they wanted to ask me about what we do… which you’ll find out more about if you stick around in Red Lake from February 15-18!! It was different being the one who was interviewed instead of being a part of the interviewing, however it was awesome and the students had some really great questions! During the interview, I honestly felt like a celebrity or someone who’d made a name for themselves, but even in that case, I’m still a regular person who has bills to pay :p. I guess that brings me to another thought – sometimes when we perform at schools, the younger kids will run up to us in the halls with big smiles and hug us and say what a good job we did! When this happens, it’s like they see us as celebrities or think “Woah, you were one of the performers!” It’s pretty cool, but we’re still just normal people 🙂 It’s such a special feeling getting hugged by them and it makes me so happy inside because I get to bring them joy through my passion!!
I encourage all of you Red Lakers (even those of you not in Red Lake but living nearby) to stick around during February 15-18 for some Aloha and tropical island fun – who wouldn’t want that in the dead of winter?!?! You won’t want to miss this!!!!!!!!!!
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