The Parable of the Lost Coin… 2.0

For those of you that know me well, you know I love being physically active and doing things hands-on. This past Christmas I got a FitBit (Flex 2 if you’re wondering, which came with a nice, pink bracelet) which I’ve been using lots mainly to track my steps during the day. A couple of weeks ago, some of the guys I work with encouraged me to join in on their rugby team practices (a men’s team composed of more Fijians than non-Fijians) 2x’s a week which I’ve been attending now for a couple weeks. I started out hesitant to participate in drills or a game of touch as I wasn’t familiar with anything and didn’t know many of the people, so I sat on the sidelines watching to get a feel for the practices. Now, I’m participating in almost everything! I practice with the team because I can, they’ve been kind enough to let me join, patient with me as I learn how to play during their practice time, it’s fun and great exercise, and it’s helping me get to know more of the Fijian community here in Steinbach. If there’s something I’m hesitant to particiapte in (like *ahem* full-contact rugby), I usually join the wives and kids on the sidelines. I’ve been told by a few people that the best way to learn something new is to just do it. How’s that for a kick in the pants (totally something my dad would say haha)! So, now you’re probably wondering how the FitBit and rugby relate to each other. If you refer to this posts’ title, you might get an idea…

I usually wear my FitBit to rugby training. If I don’t get many steps in during the day, I’ll most likely finish them on the field. When I reach my goal, my tracker vibrates like a cell phone would getting a text message and the lights light up like a rainbow… it’s awesome! Last Monday I had my FitBit on and at some point, the tracker fell out of the bracelet onto the field. I didn’t realize until a ways into practice when I joined in on a game of full-field touch rugby and felt an empty bracelet. My heart sank because it was a gift I got for Christmas so of course I couldn’t just let it go. I made it through training but was still internally frantic that I’d lost it for sure :'(. After practice some of the people I work with helped me search the field for it which made me very grateful. It was like trying to find a needle in a haystack and I wanted to give up because I was pretty sure it was lost, yet I was still determined to find it. I rode my bike back to the field after practice when I had my phone and tried to sync up my FitBit app to the tracker… nada! I texted my dad to see what wisdom he had for me about the situation, I prayed and interceded over the tracker in hopes that someone else wouldn’t find it, it wouldn’t be lost or damaged, that its’ location would be revealed at some point and then had to go home before it got too dark.

I’m so thankful for my phone and its abilities! My dad told me about an app I could get to help me locate the tracker, which I was very willing to get. So, Wednesday morning, with my phone and it’s newly installed “Bit Finder Geo” app (it’s a real app, trust me, and it’s pretty cool), I sped to the field on my bike. I prayed again that I would find it that morning, and once connected to WiFi and Bluetooth, project “Find Kristi’s FitBit” was underway as I wandered around waiting for my phone to pick up the trackers’ signal (the app has a radar showing how close or far away you are from whatever you’re trying to find, and can make lower or higher pitched sounds to help speed up the process). My heart leapt with excitement when my phone screen finally read “Fit Flex 2” which I quickly selected!! Oh my goodness I was so excited and had the biggest smile on my face that you probably could’ve seen from across the field :D! For a while I mostly heard low-pitched sounds and felt like I was walking around in circles until I heard the heavenly high-pitches. I got super excited when I was in one area (the same area I’d been tossing a rugby ball around with a few people at Monday practice) because soon enough, the high-pitch sound lead me to look down to my left and hidden in the grass was the tracker! I can’t tell you how happy I was… it definitely made my day and week. Being the millennial I am, I took a selfie with the tracker and texted it to my dad, which was followed up by him calling me because he was so impressed that the app worked and helped me find it! Then, he brought up an interesting point – the parable of the lost coin from the bible.

Are you familiar with the story, “The Lost Coin” from Luke 15:8-10 in the bible? If not, it’s about a woman who has 10 silver coins and loses one, searches her house thoroughly for it, finds it and celebrates. “She lights a lamp, sweeps her house, and looks carefully everywhere until she finds it. When she finds the coin, she calls her friends and neighbors together, and says to them ‘I am so happy I found the coin I lost. Let us celebrate!'” Similarly, that’s how God and His angels rejoice when one of us come to know Christ – God goes to great lengths to find us when we wander off. My story may not seem as big as “The Lost Coin”, but by now I think you get the idea of my excitement. I got a sense of what that lady went through, felt how inclined and motivated she was to find something that would seem small or unimportant to most people, and experienced how Jesus doesn’t stop searching when one of us are lost. Relying on my phone to find the tracker symbolized to me that by being connected to God through relationship with Him and relying on Him to help us in life, He’ll be our radar and show us when we’re near or far from Him and His path for us. When we’re near and in sync with Him, oh how beautiful are those heavenly high-pitched sounds :D!

I’d love to hear in the comments if you’ve ever had any “Lost Coin” stories and if you got anything from it! Be sure to “share” this post so it can hopefully encourage someone else! Take care and God bless!!

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